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Gender Male
Industry Internet
Introduction As a systems administrator I specialized in integration, deployment and management of numerous enterprise software stacks based on Solaris family of operating systems, Linux and Windows, as well as lower-level infrastructure. I also participate in many open-source projects, helping to forge the tools of my trade the way I need them, and on software community forums I assist others with use and administration of software systems. I can be frequently seen in such communities as Solaris (illumos, OpenIndiana, OmniOS, ZFS), Oracle Communications Suite and Directory Server (ex-Sun product bundles), VirtualBox, Sun Ray, Jenkins, NUT, zeromq ecosystem, milter-greylist and several others. As a CTO I used to manage a number of other sysadmins, propose solution architectures and develop reference documentation to standardize our deployments. Now I take part in development of a product that draws on all these skills ;) See my profile on LinkedIn for more professional details: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/evgeny-%22jim%22-klimov/53/664/6b5