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Gender Male
Industry Tourism
Occupation Door-to-door taxidermy supply salesman by day, novelty erotic dancer by night, political blogger by even later at night
Location Austin, TX, United States
Introduction Well, I'm just a little guy trying to make it in the world. I've had my ups and downs, but I am eager to see what life brings me next. Some facts about me that might surprise you: ~ I have never kissed anyone I loved and that really hurts me ~ Sometimes I just need to be held ~ People think I'm stuck-up, but I'm really just shy ~ I'd love to travel through France, but have no one to travel with ~ I'd rather have a bottle of wine and good conversation than go out clubbing and drinking...sometimes, LOL ;), J/K. ~ The beach at sunset makes me feel really serene ~ I cry every day ~ I love to play dress up, but have no one to play dress up with ~ I wish Mitt Romney was president...he is so debonair ~ I would love to own a kitty cat, but am afraid I'd name it something stupid and people would make fun of it and me ~ In high school, I dreamed of being homecoming royalty, but I always was stuck sitting in the bleachers next to the burn outs ~ I love to be coddled, but have no one to coddle me ~ I am a beautiful, confident, wonderful person and I absolutely refuse to be treated disrespectfully for less than $50 upfront
Interests Catalan post-modern art, Brazilian cuisine, Malayasian Poetry, Dutch Sex Shows.
Favorite Movies "Taxidermy and You: An Instructional Video by MacCauley Culkin", The Terror of Tinytown, The Full Monty, Zombie Strippers, Striptease, R. Kelly's Trapped in the Closet Chapter 9, Casa Blanca
Favorite Music Paris Hilton, the Moffats, Kevin Federline, William "Somewhat Well" Hung
Favorite Books Read...right...