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Gender Female
Location United States
Introduction I'm a biological mother. I'm a step mother. I take care of 4 kids all the time. I'm married. I work a 9 to 5. I clip coupons...don't hate. I learned to love my camera because of my brother the photog. I learned to love my pictures because of the life in them. I DIY poorly, but I still try no matter how unoriginal my idea is. I love my Google Reader. I'm addicted to Facebook. My husband is beautiful and hot all at the same time...don't hate. All in all, I have a great family, cool house and a pretty good job that I'm thankful for. Things are beeutiful. Oh and this is my blog. And I can put up whatever I want...don't hate. tralalalalalalalalalalalalalala........... Oh and my profile is a picture of the tequila that my husband and I are gonna slam on our 1 year anniversary. Yup, that's right...slaaaammmmm.....