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Industry Student
Location United States
Introduction I am in High School and I play the flute. I have been playing flute ever since I was in third grade. Two of my favorite things to do are: dance and sing. However, I also love to paint and if look at my interests,you will find more things I like. So far I have had a 4.0 average and averages close to that. The picture a little bit below is of me is when I was at summer camp. We were at the beach, and I was asked to hold up a seashell,so I did. I also love writing, reading, butterflies, beautiful sunsets and sky scenes, and looking up at the beautiful stars along with everything in the interests section not already mentioned. I am Jewish and have had a Bat Mitzvah. I also love bike riding. I wish to be an astronomer or a writer or painter (maybe all of them) when I grow up. A random fact about me is that I have a twenty-year old cat, named Angel. View my complete profile for more information.
Interests playing flute, reading, writing, singing, having fun, being with friends, photography, dancing, being silly, listening to classical music(or good music), making things, inventing, going to the beach, watching the sunset, looking up at the stars, learning about the universe, painting, blogging, talking(having interesting conversations), walking, peace/peacefulness, and love.
Favorite Music rock, pop, classical, classical rock, some country, blues, jazz, specifically The Beatles, The Cure, Ray Charles, Jason Mraz, Joe Jackson (his Jumpin' Jive CD) and a bunch of other really cool people I will put up some time later
Favorite Books A Crooked Kind of Perfect, A Treasury of Wise Action, Each Little Bird That Sings, Mush a Dog from Space, The Music of the Dolphins, Twilight, Venus and the Comets, Mirette on the High Wire, many children's books

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