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Introduction Hermitgirl, (also known as Hermie) is a mother, daughter, wife. She is located in Southern California and enjoys kicking it pool-side. Petrified of drowning she NEVER jumps in. Needless to say she is a horrible swimmer.
Interests Do we find our worth in the eyes of another? Expecting to become some others expectation.Bending to the ebb and flow of the daily popular consensus. Allowing ourselves to be beaten and battered, physically emotionally and other wise. Listless for the nod of acceptance from those we hold in better regard. Or do we judge our own self's and decide that we are decent and worthwhile? That the path our life has embarked is one of worth and beauty. We are our worse judge's jury's and executioners, and we need not be! We are a wondrously prideful and magnificent species. Surviving Milena on a planet with environs so vastly different than most. we are the fortunate few.........well that we know of at least. I guess my whole point was why allow others to give us our worth?....Why not assign our own price? and if someone agrees to our price than better for them and us as well ...but it is to their benefit to accept us as we are. We (as in a collective species) in my eyes place too much on other people's opinion. just a thought i had and needed to vent somewhere, why not here right just a stupid rant pay me no mind.
Favorite Movies Schindler List, Debbie Does Dallas, Mariah Carie's: Glitter.
Favorite Music Obscure Indian Pop singers
Favorite Books What are those?

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