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Occupation Mom of teenagers, RN (part time), wanna-be author
Location My "perfect" location would be with a view of the mountains, and the ocean . . . in "real life" I live hundreds, of miles from the mountains and the ocean. . . but we do get some beautiful rainbows!, United States
Introduction I hope this blog will encourage future and current nurses . . . there are so many opportunities in this career, and your perfect (or almost perfect!) job IS out there.
Interests Mom and wife, Photography and scrapbooking, finding a way to clean my house that doesn't involve MY picking up any cleaning implements.
Favorite Movies Sci-Fi "the earth will burn/freeze/blow up/get overtaken by aliens movies Gone with the Wind Meet the Parents
Favorite Books The Woman Who is Always Tan and has a Flat Stomach, anything by Joyce Meyer, Olivia Goldsmith, Robin Cook, Dan Brown, and Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

Your hand has been replaced by a rubber stamp. What does it say?

"PICK ME UP AND PUT ME AWAY!" to be used on the clothes, dishes, papers, silverware, magazines, etc., etc., etc. my family leaves around the house . . . all the time . . . every day . . . not matter how much I tell them not to . . . (not that I'm frustrated by it or anything . . .)