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Industry Arts
Occupation Awesomemaker
Location Richmond, Virginia, United States
Introduction The Blogger- Jennifer A. Ducharme is a mad author, artist, dollmaker, seamstress, and fortune teller. She lives in the StoryLands of Manchester in Richmond Virginia with her two rats and a roomie who takes up the left side of her brain. She also collects penguins. Whimsy and Magic combine into the dust filled calliope whirlwind that is the Tatterpunk Carnival. Tatterpunk - like shabby chic steampunk. It is filled with desaturated colours, tattered old lace and silk, faerie-like, and frayed.
Interests Tatterpunk, Steampunk, Penguins, dustbowl carnival, carnivals, Alice in Wonderland, Madness, Fortean Phenomena, Curiosities
Favorite Music Calliope

You're trapped in a well with a goat and a slinky. Describe how you will escape.

First I will look deep into the goat's strange slit-pupil eye, and tell it a secret. The secret will cause the goat to shriek and the well will begin to crumple in on itself. I will use the slinky once we have climbed to safety to tell the story of how we made our way out of that deep dark well.