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Introduction Are you saying you have been learning English (Spanish, etc.) for 10 years and still feel you could have done better? Do you feel you have too much going on and have no time for learning a foreign language? Do you think learning a foreign language is just plain boring? Do you feel you have a memory of a goldfish and just cannot remember words? Well, here is good news. vocBlocks.com. Look up words in the vocBlocks dictionary and save them at once to learn later. But only save the words you need or love. You will grow your vocabulary faster and won’t miss an opportunity to learn the words you need. Run vocBlocks tests for just a couple of minutes a day regularly. Small but regular steps will take you a long way. Use ready vocBlocks with pictures or context to make learning fun! Create your own vocBlocks with new words you come across when consuming the exciting content relevant for you. Hack your brain with vocBlocks spaced repetition tests that help you remember words better and spend less time on learning them. You can create your free account here: https://vocblocks.com/ You will have our blog updates sent straight to your inbox so you won't miss out on new articles :)