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Gender MALE
Location winnipeg, manitoba, Canada
Introduction Address -PO Box 196 Woodlands MB ROC 3HO Email - dwescott48@yahoo.com facebook.com/david.scott.961 I write short stories, poems and fantasy novels. I publish on the blog because that's where the eyes are and print publishers send me rejection letters and insane, unsolicited and unwanted editorial advice. I suppose someone who gets a hundred thousand hits a year could make money by advertising but the stuff I write is not going to do that so I am ridiculously happy just getting it out to those who enjoy reading it. I am sixty-two, married and have children and grandchildren. I am a zen sitter and a gardener. It seems to me to be egotistical about what we write would be the same as being egotistical about tomato plants or the fruits of meditation. They are ours in a temporary way and the best thing to do is to give them away to the first person we meet. I enjoy writing, it gives me focus and purpose but I don't see it as magical or religious activity or likely to 'save' anyone. Blabbering on about one's creative activity as if it is special is simply another form of narcissism. A writer is a ordinary human being who writes.
Interests Writing, reading, gardening, zazen, building projects, kayaking on the shoal lake near my cabin among the ducks, cranes, muskrats, pelicans, cormorants, etc.
Favorite Movies Unforgiven, Smiles of a Summer Night, The Devils of Loudon, Richard III (Olivier), Decline of the American Empire, Roma, L of the R, anything really from rom coms to Greek Tragedy as long as they are well done.
Favorite Music good blues, roots music, sad laments, Kim Beggs, classical (baroque mostly), Dylan, Norah Jones, Ella
Favorite Books Authors - Kafka, Sheridan LeFanu, Issac Singer, Peter Hoeg, Garcia Marquez, Baudelaire, Catullus, TuFu, Su Tung Po, Ikkyu, etc, etc.