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Introduction Welcome to my ramblings and rantings! My name's Jo, and this started out as a blog following my adventures with soap-making (My alias is Croap Queen as I made some really cr*p soap and called it croap - should I get a mention in the OED d'ya think?) A couple of years on & I seem to have been sidetracked as this has ended up as more of a crochet and beading blog. Oh dear. I love the fact that I've found more time lately to do crafty things and I've made some wonderful friends through my hobbies and being in blogland. I love to read other blogs and gaze in awe at the amazingly talented people there are out there. Anyhow, I ramble away on here about what I've been up to (with the occasional grump thrown in too). Thanks for taking the time to have a look into my little world :0)