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Introduction For starters, i'm a girl, if you haven't gathered that much already. Currently i am still a teenager, my name is Hannah. Last name isn't important, only for the reason that i don't wanna get stalked basically. so we'll leave that out. i'm a pretty mellow person, unless i get around my good buddies, then i get a little on the wild side. i'm also a pretty strong believer in Christ. i've been a christian for my whole life basically, to be more specific i go to a pentocostal church, so yes i can speak in tongues and i do raise my hands to worship God. Call me crazy or whatever you want, but i know who my savior is and i'm not afraid to show it. i also have very strong opinions on certain topics, you may find that out from reading my posts. Forewarning: i don't mean to offend anyone. That's pretty much all i feel like writing at the moment. Any questions, don't be afraid to ask. =D