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Occupation Corporate slave
Location Melbourne, vic, Australia
Introduction Well I guess I could say alot about me like how when I was 3 years old and tried to lick the freezer and got stuck and then my panicked mother came in and without thinking ripped my head straight off leaving a nice bit of tongue for one and all but maybe that’s a bit much to be telling on the first date. I am obsessed with food and it consumes most of my day when im at work all I can think about is what im going to cook or eat that night. I also have a passion for wine so much so I try to drink it all the time to understand it ummm yeah that’s it..... :P.The Name comes From a passing comment that my old housemate made every time I was in the kitchen (which well was very often)she say in a sarcastic voice "cooking with Goths”. So I hope you enjoy my ramblings, my reviews and recipes or just enjoy the pretty pictures of food. Fell free to contact me on twitter at for any Fanmail, sponsorship, appearances and food related things.
Interests Food, Food, and some more food. When not eating and drinking wine I also enjoy video games, skateboarding, street art fiddling my thumbs.
Favorite Movies the big night, the big lebowski, mallrats, clerks, ghost world, the godfather, garden state, star wars
Favorite Music punk, goth, hip hop, pyschobilly, and everything else. A few favourites christian death, amen, dead kennedys, Elliot smith, radiohead, tool, the doors, gotye, mos def, nine inch nails, Tom waits, Nick Cave i could go on forever but maybe later.