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Location Seattle, WA, United States
Introduction It’s called Subject to Change Without Notice because we all are. Whatever we know, believe, assume, feel, or perceive is based on the information we’ve received up to that point. New information can always change that. It bothers me that politicians are often berated for “flip-flopping”, but think about it: someone who comes to a conclusion and never changes a stance despite all subsequent information to the contrary is even more dangerous. (Two words: President Bush. ‘nuff said) So I will express what I think, feel or believe, and maybe down the line I’ll say something else entirely. At the least, for the sake of my own integrity as well as your curiosity, I will try to lay out my mind’s train of thought as I go along, so you can see how I got from one place to another. I claim no great abilities in the area of Critical Thought, but if it makes you think in return, I’ll be happy with that.
Interests Music, Politics, Religion, Data Analysis, Film