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Gender Female
Occupation Translator
Introduction I love learning new and meaningful things daily, translating, and travelling. The photos on this blog are from my personal collection. I am always glad to receive your questions and comments, as well as translation requests. Thank you!
Interests Reading, travelling, drawing, cooking, mineralogy, self-development, ayurveda
Favorite Movies Art films and travel documentaries; Untouchable (French) – I laughed and cried while watching it; The Story of the Weeping Camel – a German production full of Mongolian legends and a touching story; Persepolis – an animated story of Iran; Bimil AKA Secret Tears – a strange Korean film; Nankyoku Ryourinin/The Chef of South Polar, 2009 – superb; Warai no daigaku/University of Laughs, 2004 – delightful; Tokyo Sonata; Shall We Dansu, Japan, 1995; Chihwaseon/Painted Fire, 2002 – Korean; Cha no aji/The Taste of Tea – a plunge into the Japanese imagery, and the little girl is adorable; Osen – Japanese drama around a traditional Japanese restaurant; 1778 Stories of Me and My Wife – a sad and touching story, Japanese; Devdas, 2002; The Japanese Wife - an Indian film directed by the Bengali filmmaker Aparna Sen, 2010; Series: Lie To Me
Favorite Music Classical music; Indian music - Carnatic, Jagjit Singh, Rafi; Enka; Philip Glass
Favorite Books Italo Calvino - The Baron in the trees, The Nonexistent Knight; Amélie Nothomb, Kiran Desai, Milan Kundera, Yasunari Kawabata, Isabel Allende

You can contact me at nadia_ro23 at yahoo dot com. It is an old id and I check it seldom, yet I will reply within few days.