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Industry Arts
Location San Francisco Bay, California, United States
Introduction I was born on April 1st in Berkeley, California. I'm enjoying a life full of satisfaction and challenge alongside my dear friend and partner, Bill, and our almost twelve year-old daughter, Annie. We have a great house and garden that we share with two dogs, nine canaries, and three fire bellied toads. We are choosing a path of living that holds everyone's needs as precious and equal. We're loving an unschooling approach to education for Annie and ourselves. We're trying to live a life with the least amount of negative impact to the enviornment. One way we're doing that is we're really trying to be mindful about what we buy, how we travel, and how we care for ourselves. I will post my ideas, challenges, and celebrations for doing so on this blog. I would love to hear any of yours too!
Interests I'm interested in living in line with my values, and I value the earth and human life. I'm interested in really looking at what I do, and why, and what impact it has on the earth. I'm interested in living with Bill and Annie and finding a peaceful balance so that we all are respected and considered. I'm interested in finding out what I might want to say about myself in a blog. I'm interested in expressing myself and my creativity. I'm interested in developing a "voice" via a blog.