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Introduction Like a name lost in a sea of names, my name is of no significance, but you may call me Emmy. I live to seek no money or fame; only just to fulfill my insatiable need to write. I enjoy conversations of depth and a cup of rose marzipan tea to go with them. I like meeting strangers and getting to know them at a slow pace. Music has a way of taming my soul and art captures my emotions in different sentimental wavelengths. The same goes for photography. I love taking snapshots of life and moments. I love nature. Don't hurt the environment, or you'll make the sky cry. I like dropping my change onto the street for strangers to pick them up and find good luck.
Interests Cinematography, Photography, Scrapbooking, Avant Garde, Fashion, Art, Painting, International Relations, Analysis, Literature, Shakespeare, Poetry, Music, Jazz, Deep conversations over a cup of tea, Sunflowers, Religion, Apologetics, Postcards and handwritten letters.