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Occupation It changes every 6 months. Seriously.
Location Austin, Texas, United States
Introduction A southern girl by birth but constant wanderer by choice, Mae has spent the greater half of her life in a partial haze of fangirl-ism. Her sometimes eyebrow-raising yet completely healthy love for television has helped her to become an incredibly analytical and imaginative thinker, not to mention a dork of all trades when it comes to pop culture. Here at Chaos in General, she blogs for Bones, House, Lost, Grey's Anatomy, Friday Night Lights and Brothers & Sisters. She would have also been covering The O.C., were it not so hastily cancelled in the midst of it's best year ever. You're likely to find her waxing nostalgic over that very same show anyway, as well as other gone-but-not-forgotten favorites such as Alias, The X-Files, The West Wing and ER - which may not technically be gone, but certainly died in her eyes at the start of Season 10. Don't expect weekly post-ep coverage of the current shows Mae blogs for, as she will only update about them when her muse decides to strike. But in the meantime, be on constant lookout for plenty of random musings about the ever-present analysis of TV and fandom in general. It's chaos, but it's glorious.