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Introduction Citizen journalist, researcher, student of history, Citizen. All American Mongrel, and proud of it. Many readers have asked, "Why the pseudonym? Who is Just Another Savage?" JAS is really just the editor of this true story. The first draft of this novel listed several deceased people as co-authors. Among them were accomplished writers, statesmen and patriots; both Cherokee and Caucasian Americans. Because of copyright restrictions, I was unable to list them as 'co-authors' and thus came about Just Another Savage to include us all. Their words are in 'set in text' in quotes for identification. I would like to acknowledge here those people whose words I used that made an immeasurable contribution to this story. John Ridge, Elias C. Boudinot, Stand Watie, John Adair Bell, James Madison Bell, Caroline Lynch Bell, Sarah "Sally" Watie, Cornelius Boudinot, Lena Kimbrell, Cicero Nix, the Cherokee Freedmen Slaves. Some have called "Jesus Wept" An American Story, the case against Chief John Ross. They are free to present their own case as they chose, as I have using only historical record. Not one word about that person was 'created'.
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Your superpower is that you smell like dandelions whenever someone lies. How will you maintain your secret identity?