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Occupation Restaurant
Location The American Southwest
Introduction I am a small, independently-owned Japanese restaurant, located in a mid-sized city in the American Southwest. I am seven years old. That may sound young to you, but in restaurant years I am considered fully mature. I am not what you’d consider a computer expert, but I have been known to surf the internet from time to time. I am sad to report that I have recently come across some things that I find, well, distressing. I am referring to the proliferation of “restaurant reviews” that have cropped up on various websites. These are often written by people who have an axe to grind and the most tenuous grasp of the basic mechanics of the English language. Many things that they have to say are hurtful to the people that work inside of me and, therefore, to myself. I may be a building, but I have feelings. It has been said that I am more sensitive than most. Perhaps I do not go to the same lengths as other buildings to hide my feelings. Well, if human beings feel they have the right to review restaurants, then should restaurants not be afforded to look upon people with the same scrutiny? I have started People Reviews for this very reason--to give a voice to the voiceless.
Interests Sheltering people and their possessions from the elements, housing an atmosphere of conviviality, feng shui
Favorite Movies Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House, The House that Dripped Blood, Empire, Play Time, The Money Pit, House (the movie not the TV series. I mean, I've never been so disappointed. Why do they call it that when it's just about some guy?)
Favorite Music Architecture in Helsinki, Todd Rundgren
Favorite Books Who has time to read? (Heh-heh) Seriously, I really should set aside more time to do it. The last really good book I read was House of Sand and Fog. House of Leaves sucked, though. Don't bother. What is this, a book review blog? I'd better get back to what makes this job worth doing--the people.

What reason do you have to believe the earth is flat?

None of my floorboards are warping, now are they?