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Gender MALE
Industry Arts
Occupation Artist and Teacher
Location Birmingham, AL, United States
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Interests Art, music, literature, fantasy, vegetarianism, politics, sociology, technological singularity, eco-socialism Noam Chomsky "Reality has a well-known Chomskyan bias." Stephen Colbert - Danny Bonaduce (syke) - The Wilm Brothers - The International Surrealist Movement - Gary Gygax - Keith Olbermann - Rosie Odonell - The Russian sub commander who canceled the order to launch Cuban Missle Crisises at US. - Frank Zappa - The gods - The Beatles - Blabbath Thabbath and Abbath of Immortal - Noam Chomsky - The Star Wars Kid, The Criton Leprechaun - Carl X - Jay Z - Q-tip - C3Po ....
Favorite Movies Watch these videos at Favorite Movies: Apocalypse Now, The Century of the Self, The Definition of Stupidity, Steal this Movie, Pan's Labyrinth, Why We Fight, Lord of War, Heart of Darkness, Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, The Power of Myth, Thus Spake Zarathustra, A People's History of American Empire, Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, Ghandi, MLK, Subcomandante Marcos, Richard Dawkins, etc...
Favorite Music Gnaw, Philip Glass, King Crimson, Brian Eno, Sunn 0))), Black Sabbath, Morbid Angel, Zapp & Roger, Earth, Igor Stravinsky...
Favorite Books Franz Kafka - The Castle Daniel Quinn - Ishmael Olaf Stabledon - First and Last Men, Starmaker Sam Harris - The End of Faith Gore Vidal - Imperial America Morris Berman - Dark Ages America R.A. Lafferty - Daniel Wilson - How to Survive a Robot Uprising Homer - Odyssey & Illiad Bryan Appleyard - Understanding the Present Gary Alan Fine - Shared Fantasy J.R.R. Tolkein Lord Dunsany - The King of Elfland's Daughter La Feber - Inevitable Revolutions Peter David - Writing for Comics