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Gender Female
Location Truckee/Tahoe, CA
Introduction Constructing a space to compile all my "yes, please!" finds. From food to fashion, dining to designing and exploring to enjoying, I hope you locate items within here that make you say "yes, please!" Elliot, (Fat) Emma and I welcome you!
Interests All times spent with The Big Meowski and his trusty sidekick Fat Emma, shooting the shit (or the breeze), Anthony Bourdain, paddleboarding, road wandering, writing, art house movies, throwing caution to the wind, resale shopping, hiccuping, picture taking, digging in the dirt, camping, weekend festivals, farmer's markets, smelling the roses, interacting with new and old friends, Americanos, mischief making, mingling with gnomes, Modernism, Bill Murray, babying my houseplants, decorating, mixing up new culinary delights...
Favorite Movies Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory, You've Got Mail, The Holiday, Fight Club, Amelie, Ponette, Lost in Translation, Napoleon Dynamite, The Little Princess, Snatch, High Art, Dangerous Liasons, Dancer in the Dark, City of Lost Children, Valley of the Dolls, The Shining, Barton Fink, Brazil, The Royal Tennebaums, Happiness, The Fischer King, Juliet of the Spirits (or any Fellini movie for that matter, Nat'l Lampoons Christmas Vacation, and while we are on XMas...I have to include A Christmas Story and White Christmas...
Favorite Music This, That and The Other
Favorite Books Anything by Tom Robbins (Still Life is my favorite followed by Jitterbug), David Sedaris, the Harry Potter and Lemony Snickets books (they remind me of reading as a child), Tim Sandlin, Youth in Revolt, dictionaries, travel guides, and cookbooks.