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Occupation Legal Assistant/ Jewlery Designer
Location South Atlanta, GA, United States
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Introduction Hi! To introduce myself I will start by saying my name is Jen and I'm a shoe addicted, paralegal, mother of one, jewelry making chocoholic! This is my delightful trip down dufus lane at about ohhhhh however fast you would say tripping and falling mph would be!
Interests Frolics, Shoes, All things Vintage, Jewelry, Music, Geekery, Coffee, Genreal Tomfoolery, Occasioanl Low Road Jiggs
Favorite Movies Dangerous Beauty, Godfathers, Usual Suspects, Dracula, Just Friends, All About Eve, To Catch a Thief, Charade, Trenchcoat, Birdcage, Pink Panthers, Monty Pythons, Disney, Underworlds, Rear Window, The Birds, Hannibal series, Red Dragon, Waiting, 27 Dresses, Steel Magnolias, ok pretty much everything but horror...
Favorite Music I love everything from opera to rap, I hate polka, I dislike really folky folk music and I can't stand to hear the extreme bluegrass
Favorite Books Sweet Potato Queens, Madea, Kahlil Gibran's writing, Poe, Art History, Biographies, Murder Mysteries, Brain Teasers, Travel, Poetry, Crafting, I will admit I read self helps!!

How much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?