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Gender Male
Occupation Student/Office Clerk
Location Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States
Introduction I'm a twenty Three year old college senior, majoring in psychology and philosophy. Finishing undergrad and preparing to move to new state to start graduate school in the fall. I take 20 credits a semester, work 25 hours a week and maintain about a 3.3 GPA. I’ve attended public urban education my whole life which has largely shaped my outlook on education and the future of our society. I have obnoxiously high standards, I’m a pessimist, I’m compassionate, progressive, and will do anything I can to help anyone in need out.
Interests Music, Philosophy, Psychology, Politics, Justice, Liberty, Public Education, Unitarian Universalism, Judaism, Hondas, Rock climbing, Computer games, Poker, Sports, Human sexuality, Feminism, Causal relationships, Free will, Socialism, Vulgar jokes, Reflecting, Buddhism, Reading, High standards