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Occupation Writer
Location United States
Introduction I like animals and nature. I am not overly fond of some people, however. I enjoy my solitude, at my country home, where I am struggling to keep a roof over my head while I explore my writerly side. To date, I have completed five children's stories, four YA novels and two adult novels. I am very proud of this accomplishment and am aching to see something published. My writing is very ecclectic, ranging from children's themes to rabble rousing essays and poetry. I have had many articles published as a staff writer for a local community college, but never anything in my name. I look forward to the day when I see my stories in print. Until then, I write and read up on the challenging path to publication.
Interests Reading, writing, nature, the occasional trip to the casino
Favorite Movies I enjoy most comedies. I think we all need a good laugh. 'Life is Beautiful', not a comedy by any means, but simply fantastic nonetheless.
Favorite Music Anything but country and choral. My apologies to fans of both.
Favorite Books Any author who can take you inside their characters' heads. Stephen King is a great example. Scott Adams is also wonderful, with some very surprising insights.

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