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Industry Arts
Occupation artist/illustrator/self publisher
Location Planet Earth
Introduction I remember moving through the great forests as I floated to Earth, where we gradually learned to be human. During that time of the Golden Era at the very beginning, we were in harmony with the land and ourselves... At the beginning of time, we were all highly evolved spiritual beings. We lived our life in accordance to the sacred template of Cosmic Law, which we fully honored in thought, word and deed. Gradually we became intoxicated with the dream of separation and ego identification, listening to the mind, a collection of thoughts and forgetting the song of love and unity... After thousands and thousands of years of being caught in the dreams of the mind; incarnation after incarnation, we are nearing the end of the downward spiral into material existence and are now ready and able to begin the journey of awakening to our true Beingness. At the assigned time, we will instantaneously awaken into the truth of oneness, of unity and chucle how seriously we believed the dream was real...
Interests Life, universe, human genetics, ancient aliens, ancient people and cultures, ufo's, traveling, tarots, divinations, astrology, hawaii, hawaiian islands, europe, paintings, readings, past, present, future, pagan, wiccan, new age, occult, witchcraft, spells