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Location Amsterdam
Introduction A few years ago I was living and studying in Stockholm, in this tiny wooden house in the forest. While I should be working on my thesis, I spent a lot of time on blogs. All these blogs have one thing in common: they are about cooking, baking and eating food. As I read my knowledge on food grew and I got inspired to try out what I read. I cook and bake in different ways. Sometimes I follow a recipe to the dot and sometimes I create my own. Very often I am inspired by some recipe and then give my own twist to it. I came to the point where I wanted to share my experiences. On this blog I post recipes, by myself and by others, that proved to be tasteful and succesful. I hope my blog will inspire others, like so many blogs have inspired me! Recently I swopped from writing in English to Dutch: sorry if you can't understand. It's just that I'm lazy.