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Occupation Homemaker
Location Indiana, United States
Introduction In July 2007 my family and I moved to Indiana from Erie Pennsylvania. I am a mom of what seems to be an endless number of children. I have one cat,(Mr.Nibbles) who does not know he is a feline and I am not inclined to tell him otherwise. Our newest addition is a Lab/Hound mix, Of course her name is Leila. Most people who know me tell me I am eccentric by nature and never doing anything by the "rules". I have my moments like anyone else I guess. Outgoing somedays, withdrawn others. ( haha... sounds bi-polar)
Interests Crafter, Crochet, Sewing creating things that make you go Wow!
Favorite Movies I watch alot of movies as I don't like commercials. All genre's work for me.
Favorite Music Jazz would be my fav, but I love all music.
Favorite Books CRAFTTTTTTTTTSSSSSSSS anything that gives me ideas for making something new.

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