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Industry Engineering
Occupation Director
Location Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Introduction The world needs more simplicity. Many of today's problems, ranging from overcomplicated laws, to inscrutable buttons on household appliances, result from initiative-killing over-complication, and zealous over-simplification. The middle path is not a compromise between these, but an impassioned pursuit of the clean, simple, creative, direct and effective solution.
Interests Consumer tech, gadgets, software development, user experience, movie-making, editting, music, compassion, awareness, and wisdom.
Favorite Movies 13 Ghosts, Wizard of Oz, Colossus, Day the Earth Stood Still, Forbidden Planet, 2001:A Space Odyssey, O Lucky Man, Apolcalypse Now, Buckaroo Banzai, The Matrix
Favorite Books Stranger in a Strange Land, The Fountainhead, Neuromancer, Titan/Wizard/Demon, Zodiak, Snow Crash, Diamond Age, Cryptonomicon, Pattern Recognition

You've broken up with your old band and are about to release your first solo album. Please write the liner notes:

After ExChequer, Dave's solo guitar album bends every genre. Plucking from Kottke to Cockburn, and power rock from Zeppelin to Audioslave.