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Location Somewhere over the rainbow, California, United States
Introduction I too have a story to tell. Plenty of them and I'll tell them all if you listen. I remain a dreamer. It is what many people lack, but I treasure it. It brings me to life and allows me to see both inside myself and step outside when I need to. I do not want to teach anyone a thing, but to inspire or be inspired would be bliss. I believe in serendipity and all things unexpected. I often lack not for having too few words, but perhaps too many and not enough time to say them. If you'll lend an ear now and then, creative thought or random blather a time or two, I'll definitly make it worth your while. Or at least attempt to. Hey, can't blame a girl for trying. I hope to look back on my life someday and say to myself "you did it." I don't know yet what I'd like the "it" to entail, but for now the "it" is going to keep me going and show me what life has in store.
Interests Creating, Living, Writing, Art, Poetry, Music, Singing, Antique shops, Cobblestone streets in faraway places, Toes in the sand and a drink in my hand, Meeting the mad ones, The odd ducks, The ones who groove to their own tune.

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