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Location Wellington, New Zealand
Introduction Simon's the 40 year old father of Miro, who's cycling wife Sarah is so trusting and generous that she's willing to give him a month-long leave pass for something as frivolous as a bike race. An engineering officer by trade, he started up a cycling business with his brothers Paul and Jonathan in 1993. Guidebooks, maps, history books, track design and construction, policy documents, event management, and advocacy - so long as it's cycling related, they'll give it a go. Simon started cycling at age 8, bought his first geared bike at 14, and his first mountain bike at 17. He loves cycle touring with his friends and family, and has been a keen mountain bike racer since 1986. When he's not riding or working, he can be found fiddling with vintage bikes, reading cycling books, or watching films (preferably about cycling). When sleeping, he dreams about cycling. He really likes cycling a lot.