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Occupation ring master
Location neverneverland
Introduction Well, ya know, I never know what to say about myself...so let's see, sometimes my head gets way ahead of my hands...but a lot of times my mouth gets way ahead of my head :)!! I'm a wife and mother, a marathon runner, ring leader of a 3 ring circus! I love to work with my hands! I love to paint, stitch, draw...and I desperately wish I could have learned from my dad before he was gone how he made those crazy little wooden puzzles that I could never figure out :) Some day I'd love to make my own furniture! I love new running shoes, power tools, I love old cars, I wish my husband and I could rebuild an old camaro...someday I guess! For now, I'll be busy raising my babies, running and making things that make people smile!!
Favorite Music absolutely not picky, if it's music there must be something good about it
Favorite Books anything by Poe, Dr. Seuss, Shakespeare, any old English lit....

Why does the taste of pennies remind you of losing a tooth?

wow, never really thought about that but it does doesn't it!!