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Industry Communications or Media
Occupation filmmaker
Location NY, United States
Introduction Filmmaker and screenwriter A.M. Peters intended to shoot a short documentary on displaced New Orleans musicians visiting New York City when the interviews made it immediately clear: there was a story to be told in New Orleans. With a knack for seeing the bigger picture on issues close to home, Peters gathered up a crew and embarked on a documentary with her signature study of human emotions, motivations, and culture in No Cross, No Crown. Peters' indie film banner, dinomonster films, develops and produces documentaries and feature films, as well as music and corporate videos offering a fresh style and perspective on characters and culture. Her produced scripts include animated shorts "Jack Quack (The Path)" and "Corporate Whore," that have toured film festivals and the comedy "Electronic Devices," starring Rosemary Gore. Peters worked as the Assistant to Academy-Award nominated director Nanette Burstein on the upcoming documentary American Teen Movie for A&E Indiefilms, and a pilot for AMC, "Autobiography" staring Dennis Hopper. She has also worked with other clients such as Smith Barney and Merrill Lynch.
Interests bling, baked goods, the emotionally tormented, the Fanta Girls, rockstars, spies, office-surfing, animals, plants, quirky-alones, nerdy science books, cute boy zoos, bad roommates, ladybugs, riverboat casinos, fucking with people with OCD, geneaology, the Red Cross, knee injuries, ninja parties, geeks (any specialty), the Apple Donut, water, Old People, borrowing powerbooks, mac and cheese, whoop juice, herbal suppliments, my internet pet, comfortable sneakers, mp3 players, space travel, glittery things, back pain, raving psychopaths providing fodder for gossip and intrigue, mississippi, socio-anthro-biology, USB, TV, and miniDV.
Favorite Movies Jack Quack (the Path)
Favorite Music the dears, cursive, mercury rev, NIN, the faint, muse, ours, dujeous, jeff buckley, massive attack, jas mathus and his knockdown society, beck, del the funkee homosapien, blind melon, ben harper, blonde redhead, bill monroe, broken social scene, built to spill, the donnas, cake, cat power, lovage, common, company flow, otis redding, cracker, arcade fire, hot hot heat, bloc party, cordrazine, dan the automator, bowie, dead prez, dead milkmen, death cab, elvis, shudder to think, franz ferdinand, g love, the jesus and mary chain, le tigre, carl perkins, love and rockets, m.i.a., saul williams, the mars volta, mary timony, muddy waters, massive attack, mos def, modest mouse, pink floyd, pixies, hank williams, portishead, powderfinger, pulp, radiohead, sonic youth, jaz mathis, neutral milk hotel, paris combo, the moaners, the pharcyde, walkmen, violent femmes, weezer, Sun Records... etc...
Favorite Books Lassie Come Home, Third Chimpanzee, Where the Red Fern Grows, Lucifer Principle, The People's History of the United States, and Harry Potter.

Aren't papier mache cuts the worst?

Not as bad as steel machete cuts.