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Gender MALE
Occupation Dog and keeper of ALL tennis balls
Location Planet Earth, United States
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Introduction Hi my name is Sir Chance-Lot. I am a Golden Retriever. Before I tell you a bit about myself, please make sure if you are a new friend to check out the "archive" posts in my page. You can find them in the right hand "column" further down> here goes... My Bark~Day is June 25th.2005. My family tells me I am the most gorgious Golden ever seen ( Im not sure if that goes beyond our driveway, but I am pretty sure it does. I have caught a glimpse or two of my self in the mirrors, and I have to say I agreee with my family's judgement.I love to chase tennis balls, Go for long walks, preferably somewhere that involves lots of rushing water. I love people, maybe even more then my tennis balls.I aspecially love my Pappa, Cameron. Because of him, I have a Dog's dream life. He wished for a golden since he was just 3 years old, and then My aunt Vanessa (Nanook and Pooka's mamma)Uncle Sean, and Uncle Sandy ( Nanook's and Pooka's Pappa) got me for My Pappa's 9th birthday present. (If you scroll to the bottom of this page~you can see some more nice pictures that my mamma made,well most of them.
Interests Tennis Balls, Tennis Balls, Tennis Balls, oh and swimming, and walks in the "skogen", and my family. Occationally digging wonderful dark deep holes in my mamma's lawn;O) I also love all things in Nature, like bumble bees, butterflies, birds, cats, oceans, rivers, forests, and I am kind of a *Tree~Hugger*, so is my Mamma. I am very proud of her, because she works every day to help all the Oceans and Forests, animals and flowers, from getting sick. This is very good ofcourse, cause what would we dogs do without beautiful rivers to swim in, green lawns to chase tennis balls on, and warm beaches to frolic on?
Favorite Movies Airbud and on the TV, I LOVE the dog whisperer. I sit very close to the tv and watch all the dogs get ~Shhh'ed~
Favorite Music Well..I love it when My mamma plays her computer music
Favorite Books Hm...anything on tennis balls and Rivers.

"Are you Chucking the tennis ball for me now"?