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Gender Male
Industry Banking
Occupation Consulting
Location Florida, United States
Introduction I have been described as someone who has opinions that are very strong but educated and uniquely, my own. I'm usually the guy who says what everyone was thinking anyway and I have a sense of humor that is both sarcastic and dry. Some get it while others can't. I'm a rabid hater of disinformation, misinformation, and hypocrisy, and I'm so tired of waiting for the truth... I started this blog for me; but however you may have stumbled upon this rumpus, welcome, come on in and grab a Guinness... I invite you to rant with me so that we might learn about each other - but more importantly - about ourselves...
Favorite Movies The Usual Suspects, Resevoir Dogs, Braveheart, The Sixth Sense, Twelve Monkeys, Exorcist III, Children of Men, Antibodies, Das Boot
Favorite Music Colin Hay, Jason Mraz, The Killers, The Teddybears, Low Light Superchargers, The Flaming Lips
Favorite Books HHGTTG (Douglas Adams), Where the Wild Things Are (Maurice Sendak), What We Believe But Cannot Prove (John Brockman), In the Name of Science (Andrew Goliszek), Your Call is Important to Us (Laura Penny), Fingerprints of The Gods (Graham Hancock), Hyperspace (Michio Kaku), Everything Bad Is Good For You (Steven Johnson), Blink (Malcolm Gladwell), All Books by Michael Crichton, All Books by Douglas Adams