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Gender Male
Occupation Writer, Educator, Activist
Location new york city, New York, United States
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Introduction Scott Baker is a Managing Editor & The Economics Editor at, and a blogger for Huffington Post, Daily Kos, & Global Economic Intersection.

His updated anthology of Opednews articles was published by Tayen Lane Publishing: America is Not Broke!

Scott was President of Common Ground-NYC, a Georgist activist group.
A complete list of his publications can be found here:
He is also NY State Coordinator for the Public Banking Institute.
Scott has appeared on TV/Radio and in in-person Presentations to civic groups and politicians to explain Georgism, Greenbacking, Ending Government Financial Asset Hoarding, and Public Banking. These presentations may be found on his personal blog: and on
Scott graduated from, and is now an adjunct faculty of, the Henry George School in New York City.

Scott lives in New York City with his wife, where he is a biking advocate for the East Coast Greenway Alliance and ride leader.
Interests Novel Writing, Essay/Opinion writing, biking, kyacking
Favorite Movies Easy Rider, Rocky
Favorite Books My own: America is Not Broke!, Neitherworld Book 1: Akiwan, Neitherworld Book 2: Ishpiming Non-fiction: Progress and Poverty, The Lost Science of Money, Surviving the Feminization of America. Fiction: Call of the Wild, Middlesex, Harry Potter series

When you open your eyes underwater, do you ever worry that you'll drown?