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Gender MALE
Industry Advertising
Occupation MBA
Location Kolkata, Kolkata, India
Introduction Read me only if you have nothing better to do. I write for myself, not to please my readers and I hate to have any reader at all. My humour sucks, my wit doesn’t exist, my logic is astray and my commonsense is unusual. Still interested? Take this, I prefer to write for kids because nothing like poisoning a young mind with ideology.
Interests Cricket, Comedy, Charles Chaplin, Tom&Jerry, Mahdi&Saheen
Favorite Movies Anything by Sir Charles Chaplin, Anything by Tom of Tom&Jerry, 12 Angry Men, Anatomy of Murder, Sholay, Pink Panter Series and.... can't remember.
Favorite Music Mohammad Rafi. I am not aware of any other music for I don't believe music exists without him.
Favorite Books Endless, really endless, shall not even try. Honourable mentions are, The Quran, Bernard Shaw, Agatha Christie, Gorky and please, no Shakespeare, I can't stand that buffoon.