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Industry Arts
Occupation Crafting Mummy, and the rest ....
Location Weymouth, United Kingdom
Introduction I have been a sew-er all my life and have a yellow bear I made when I was 9. and I still remember how I felt when given my first half a meter or so of fun-fur! In my last year at school I began to sell 'propane puppies' and did that for a few years, making other odd bits and bobs ... fast forward to 1996 when I began to sell the original RaggyRat doll and then steadily increased the product lines, as well as starting a family. Twice. I have always pushed my creativity, being self taught and accepting various challenges. I rarely say no as I like to find a way around a project, and have made 6 full sized costumes and dozens of small and large puppets, the most interesting being tompot-blenny and cuttlefish puppets over 2 feet long, and a man sized lobster costume, all of which have been working in Weymouth and Portland for the last two years. Humour and fun are a must. My soft sculptures do all the naughty things I am not allowed to do and romp through life having big adventures. I am a proper artist, honest. I even have a degree from the Edinburgh School of Art and have squeezed some RaggyRats into an international magazine!

You've just inherited a manufacturing plant that specializes in plastics. What are you going to make?

hmmmmm stuff from recycled plastics that looks obviously mixed up, like all the coloured bits ... saw that some where in a poncey magazine.