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Occupation around here, i'm just momma!
Location las vegas, nv, United States
Introduction i'm a mom and wife, a crafty girl, a moon and star gazer,i love the ocean, trees and whimsical things. i'm glad to be alive!
Favorite Movies batman-the dark knight, brazil, monty python's the meaning of life, taxi driver, apocalypse now, the deer hunter, happy gilmore, the breakfast club, hairspray- i LOVE movies of all kinds!
Favorite Music the cure, soul coughing, rush, edvard grieg- i LOVE all sorts of music
Favorite Books Neuromancer (William Gibson- all are faves), Last Call (Tim Powers another fave author), I read everything Neil Gaiman writes, and I love Wool (Omnibus) by Hugh Howey. i also love E.E. Cummings, Alfred Lord Tennyson. theoretical physics books rock (Zukov's "The Dancing Wu Li Masters", and Kaku's "Hyperspace" are 2 faves)- i read, read read!!

You've successfully slain the dragon! How will you toast your marshmallows?

why I'll simply jump up and down on his belly while holding my marshmallow on a very long stick- the jumping will stoke the eternal flame in the dragon's belly of course! did you honestly forget that or have you gone completely out of your mind?!..hmmm