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Location Avalon, United States
Introduction My name is Bre Henson, I'm a writer, poet, musician, artist, singer, martial artist, dancer, heavy reader, a student of life, and my favorite school subject is science. That's all that I really have for now, I'll work on this a bit later....
Interests Too many, but a few are: Music (I take piano lessons) Writing (fiction, poetry, and now blogs...) Science Other languages & cultures Reading Dancing (I take bellydance classes) Martial Arts (I'm 1/2 way to a black belt, and I'm proficent in the bo) Swimming...I enjoy exercise of any kind pretty much. :) I'll post more later...
Favorite Movies Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Country Bears, Raising Arizona, Indianna Jones, The Narnia Movies, and a looot more. :)
Favorite Music Rock!!! Classic, today, as well as some classical, and some pop, and other things from today...yada, yada, yada, lol!
Favorite Books I read too much to have a short list of faves so I'll just give a few: Maximum Ride 1-3 (Hey, hey Fang!) Eragon & Eldest Any Artemis Fowl Journey to the Center of the Earth Treasure Island Robin Hood King Arthur The Chronicles of Narnia All Harry Potter, but especially 3 & 5; although I hate elements of their endings... And I'm sure I'm forgetting

Your superpower is that you smell like dandelions whenever someone lies. How will you maintain your secret identity?

By either wearing lots of perfume, or telling people it's my perfume when they ask why I smell like dandelions, lol!