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Location Singapore
Introduction I'm a father of two and born in 1970 . Leaving the corporate world in 2014 and managed to achieve Financial Independence at age of 44. My passion of investing starts since I was in secondary school . I read article written by “ 冷眼“ an editor at 南洋商报 in 1980s. His articles were full of wisdom and I still keep two of his books as kind of investing “ bible “. My investment philosophy can be explained by 3 Ts and 3 Ms i.e 1) Time 2) Timing 3) Trade or Transaction 4) Market 5) Mind 6) Money Management. I would deem it as “ 天时,地利,人和”。。无可缺一 , in Chinese .. I hope to share my views and thoughts of my journey of stocks investing from my point of view in this blog.
Favorite Books 《冷眼投资正道》及《30年投资心得》by 冯时能,