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Introduction I'm a creative, passionate person; prone to fits of spontaneous eruptions of child-like, life-loving adventure. I want to know everything about everything. I enjoy simple pleasures like warm fresh-baked cookies, a spring-time breeze, a child's laughter, sunlight sparkling off the lake, the first sip of coffee, or an unexpected soul-moving song. I love old junk shops and beautiful fabrics especially vintage. I have a creative side; I love "treasure hunting" and then repurposing or reinventing those items. Occasionally, I also draw with pencil and touched lightly on working with ink and other mediums. I dabble a little in Photography and want to learn more. I truly enjoy reading and am always in search of that rare gem created by a beautiful mind. I'm a wanna-be-writer. I've casually collected quotes and fortune cookie fortunes for years; I have been known to "beg for" good fortunes from my loved ones. I have a silly side and love good jokes. Good art or music moves me.
Interests "treasure hunting", flea markets, yard sales, antique shops, auctions, repurposing, reinventing, reusing, sewing and designing, painting, reading, writing, laughing, loving, learning, art, nature, coffee, birds, sound of a powerful engine, purple shades, calming zen spaces and soothing music, gardening, singing, trees, mountains, bodies of water, dancing, architecture, breezes and windchimes, playing basketball with the kids, cheesy pranks and good jokes
Favorite Movies I like intense action and drama, and comedies. I love old movies, especially with Audrey Hepburn and Carey Grant. And movies that make you to think about things you normally wouldn't.
Favorite Music Music is therapy (just like writing). I like most kinds of music, from classical to punk. But the music I love most is the kind that gets me dancing.
Favorite Books Bronte sisters, Jane Austen, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, Fahrenheit 451, Great Expectations, 1984 etc., anything with really good writing and/or content.