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Occupation Writer/blogger
Location Central PA, United States
Introduction 50-something going on 30. Very active inner child. Changing the world one blog post and truth at a time.
Interests Writing, blogging, tweeting, loving BB, Italy!, pondering the universe, laughing, pet turtle & tortoise, AI robotic Pleo pets
Favorite Movies Love sappy romance comedies with happy endings. Musicals (Chicago, Dirty Dancing, Mama Mia). James Bond, anything Bourne, great thrillers without the gore.
Favorite Music Have 1000+ songs on ipod. BB's daughter gave my ipod list two thumbs up. She's an expert on "hot" music.
Favorite Books The Velveteen Rabbit along with psychology books, especially related to trauma and dissociation.

Survivor of long-term childhood abuse. Healing led to career change as psychotherapist to help trauma survivors through their healing journey. Highly experienced in healing from emotional and medical trauma. *snork*