About me

Location Sacramento, CA, United States
Introduction I'm a cantankerous yet giggly sort of crazy - but my crazy is catching. The more the merrier - oh yes, oh yes. Reading, crafting and anime watching are my hobbies of choice!
Interests Pestering my sister Rinni, watching anime, reading, writing, creating, Collecting nifty things, creepy things, pretty things, dolls, and lots of books.
Favorite Movies The Last Unicorn, Labyrinth, Dark City, Practical Magic, Grammas Boy, MirrorMask, Boondock Saints...
Favorite Music Blaqk Audio, Imogen Heap, Iris, Augustana, Savage Garden, Vincent Black Shadow, Anberlin, Mumford & Sons, all over the board really - just not heavy metal or heavy rap.
Favorite Books There isn't enough space to list them all. So a few - World War Z, Abhorsen Trilogy, anything by Patricia Briggs or Jim Butcher.

The most important question you will ever be asked... - Do you like the mystery not quite meat in a can - the only - SPAM?!?