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Occupation Artist
Location Los Angeles, CA
Introduction Jill Hundenski grew up on the East Coast around parents with artistic and design sensibilities, creative and travel curiosities, which caused her to have an appreciation for art, a fondness for music and a fascination for traveling at a very young age. When deciding on colleges, Jill stumbled upon the prestigious, Cornell University for their fashion design program. At that time, she found herself in Ithaca, New York becoming continually inspired by the creatives and intellects alike. After moving to California, she decided to take continuing art classes and studied at UCLA, Otis and Art Center College of Design; where she discovered her passion: collage and assemblage. Jill’s work tends to be a culmination of painting, collage, inks, textiles, papers, money, typography among others. She loves finding new objects as well as discovering old vintage materials and incorporating both into a piece of work. Put simply, Jill creates art because she dislikes the way it makes her feel when she doesn’t. So, if it proves to be of interest to others, then it's good for both. Jill lives and works in Beverly Hills.

"One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star." – Friedrich Nietzsche