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Gender Male
Industry Marketing
Occupation Netrepreneur& Sole Proprietor of Cipher Enterprises -a company that manages diverse businesses dedicated to providing everday people with the quality goods and services they need in life.
Location Texas, United States
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Introduction A humble netrepreneur whose only intention is to share my life experiences &provide you with easy access to the things that make life worth living. My main hobby is acquiring as much information on as many subjects as possible because I truly believe knowledge is power...and with power comes the responsibility of treating people with equality. This is ME.
Interests Metaphysics, music, and anything entrepreneural.
Favorite Music Hip-hop, reggae, jazz, '80's rock and soul
Favorite Books Win, Think and Grow Rich, Unlimited Power, Seat Of The Soul, and Metu Neter

Lionesses have no manes. How do they know when they've grown up?

When the lions with manes start chasing them!