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Introduction Hello! You might have come across this by accident and thought to yourself, "what the hell is this blog about?" No worries, little panda. I am here to answer all your worries! (except for death, the end of the universe, and all that jazz) Anyways, I am in an Adolescent Literature course at Gallaudet University. It is an elective for those who want to major in English. One of our projects is to read 12 novels and set up a journal regarding the novels we've read. We've established an independent reading list where each novel has a category. We were assigned four novels from our professor, Dr. Sharon Pajka (yes, go google her up then come back. I know you will), then we were left with 8 categories to fill. I have decided to do a picture for each novel I read. These pictures will have a similar structure to them, 1. Title will stand out 2. Theme will refer to the novel 3. Quote - must. 4. Text will be explanation of my recommendations/dislikes/likes. 5. Author's name is a must.