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Gender MALE
Industry Arts
Occupation Artist/illustrator/designer/writer
Location United States
Introduction For Depression Art, letters to the bank manager, and an artist's current obsession with the World Financial Maelstrom click on The Art of the Bouncy Banker. For experimental short stories, picture writings, comics, Art encounters and commentary, paintings, drawings and sculptures in cardboard, foamcore, hotglue, staples and newspaper go to the Bruxist Manifesto. Also painting with found hardware store paint of dubious origin and toxicity, burning lines into wood, and etching in virtual stone my current, usually oblique thoughts on the state of the planet. For even more comics and a brazenly defeatist view of this planet go to THE WORLD IN DISARRAY. THE BRUXIST COLLECTIVE POSTS DRAWINGS AND WRITINGS AT RANDOM, OLD AND NEW, PICTOGRAPHIC, WRITERLY, ILLUSTRATIVE, GRAPHIC AND ILLEGIBLE ALONG WITH CHAPTERS TO UNWRITTEN BOOKS, ILLUSTRATIONS TO UNWRITTEN ARTICLES, AND UNSOLICITED REPORTS FROM THE FRONT LINE. CLICK ON ALL IMAGES TO ENLARGE.
Interests Picture writing, writing on Art, experimental fiction, drawing, image making, wrestling with materials, pictographics, illustration, expression, automatic, "Outsider" art, design, graphic novels and novellas, short stories, absurdist literature, grids, wall drawing, installation, moving images, painted theater, performance, building props and monologues, and digging, planting, stone carving...
Favorite Movies Currently: Wings of Desire, Wages of Fear, Stalker, High and Low, The Darjeeling Limited.... Who are we kidding? I will never keep up with this list.
Favorite Music Currently: Arcade Fire, Robert Wyatt, Terry Riley, Will Oldham.... This one either.
Favorite Books Currently: George Saunders, Frank Rich, Haruki Murakami, Ben Fountain.... Or this.

What am I thinking about? Constantly thinking about artists and the economy. Even thinking about proposing my own economic plan.