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Introduction Those who profess any political, religious or ideological views that are antithetical to inalienable rights, will in time compromise the safety and security of the citizens within. The current immigration policy in the United States is creating a threat to our nation's future posterity. The Ten Commandments gave the world inalienable rights derived from God. These laws were summarized during the 18th century as Life, Liberty and Property. Mohammed's Sharia law violates the all three of these God given rights that are found in the Ten Commandments, from which Western Civilization has developed its canon of civil rights. Sharia vs. Inalienable Right believe it is the solemn duty of U.S. elected officials to uphold the Constitution and protect its citizens, and ensure their future by weighing the threats that confront our nation. Many elected officials are abandoning these principles and trampling under foot one of our most cherished rights: "Freedom from Fear". Make no mistake, Islam is an expansionist, revolutionary ideology, with the goal to chip away at the nations until all men submit to Allah and his Prophet.
Favorite Books A Portrait of Egypt: A Journey Through the World of Militant Islam (Mary Anne Weaver), The Law (Frederick Bastiat), Of Plymouth Plantation (William bradford)