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Occupation Writer
Location Sumas~almost Canada, Washington, United States
Introduction Born a military brat, I was a world nomad until I was 43, at which time I finally discovered home in the Pacific Northwest. I share my life with my OCD cat, Tetley. She's the only one who can/will put up with me.
Interests Bicycling, writing, taking pictures, reading, meditation, learning, geocaching, playing piano, roller skating...
Favorite Movies Bell, Book and Candle, Mr. Holland's Opus, The Point, Lost Horizon, The Razor's Edge, Phenomenon, Xanadu...
Favorite Music E.S. Posthumus, Globus, X-Ray Dog, Immediate Music, Tears for Fears, Ray Lynch, The Killers, Gilbert O'Sullivan, Van Morrison, Arcade Fire, Mumford and ons, Radiohead...
Favorite Books East of Eden, A Prayer for Owen Meany, Atlas Shrugged...

If there's no I in team, why is there meat?

There is no meat! Only dead creatures, eaten by living, non-thinking creatures. I haz a sad on my face.