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Location Berkshire, United Kingdom
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Introduction I'm just amazed anything of mine has actually come up on this GB (H) site. Navigating it is grievously harming my mind if not body! But at the moment it's all I've got....until such time as I ever get my own website...
Interests Writing Asimov Robots Fanfic, More Of This, More Of This Again, Yet More Of This, AND Yet More Of This, AND Yet More Of This Again, Nuff Said
Favorite Movies Currently as at Dec 2010:..., I Robot, Wall-E, Asimov's Mystery Robot Game on VHS (yes really - naff maybe but I like the 2 main actors in it! And the robots are adorable)
Favorite Music Anything with a good melody and good rhythm that feels like it's going somewhere. Can be Baroque, World, Vintage Pop and Rock (60s and 70s)
Favorite Books Asimov's Robot Novels and Stories, Old Scifi (Clarke, Heinlein, Bova, Hamilton), Just any good writer who writes properly and with wit and irony, nothing too heavy

The squish of mud between your toes; how would you live your life as a frog?

IGNORE THIS 'QUESTION' - I did NOT intend for this to appear - any suggestions on how to get rid of this c**p....?